The beginnings
GIANI begins to model at the age of 5 full color scenes of Indian villages, teepees, canoes & horses …
By asking for an excerpt from his civil status to follow the sculpture classes at the Lycée Henry IV – Paris (studies of nudes with live models directed by Dino Manfredi Quartana), he learns at 40 that his full name is Michelangelo … what his father Renzo GIANI, confirms to him!


He offers to his relatives and friends, his first works, nudes according to models, that he signs GIANI.
He frequents, for his cooking, the Workshop Terre & Feu in Paris (the old workshop of Henri Matisse); Roger Vigeant’s owner advises him to accept an order he can not honor.
With his precious help, he learns to stamp and mold on these copies of masters from the former Hernandez Workshops in Paris-Bastille: Grand Condé, Colbert, marquises & cherubs will be his daily work.

Recommended by Éditions Albert-René for his work on the characters of Asterix, he sculpts freelance especially for PIXI, the Parisian comic figurines specialist.
The characters of Asterix, Gaston, The Little Prince, Simpson, Garfield, Betty Boop, Snoopy will have no secrets for him!
Resin casts : The LITTLE PRINCE series made from GIANI’s prototypes on sale at PixiFolies

Music & Sculpture

Koala & baby

Musician, after a break of fifteen years for music, GIANI returns with a series of sculptures of endangered animals in ceramics.
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